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Are Your Pavers Damaged or Sinking? We Can Help!

Repairs to the pavers are made primarily because of sinking due to poor land preparation, that is not compact properly leaving air gaps behind while filling the area with sand. It occurs mainly around the pools. To repair the bricks, they are removed around sunken area, water is injected with a tool especially designed for this work to ensure that any remaining space is filled with sand and so prevent future subsidence. Afterward the level is completed with special sand to be further compacted. Once leveled and compacted sand pavers are put back in place, they put fine sand in the spaces between pavers and are re-compacted. We also repair when the roots of trees or vegetation next to the pavers, lifts them above the level. In this case withdrew the pavers, cut the roots that are lifting, we replace the sand, compact it, install the pavers back and recompact it.

Faded, dull, and efflorescence paver driveway before paver sealer and pressure washing service from Stellar Clean and Seal in Brevard CountyColorful after photo of paver driveway that received the best paver sealer and pressure washing service from Stellar Clean and Seal in Brevard County
Worn and dirty paver driveway before paver sealer and pressure washing services from Stellar Clean and Seal in Brevard CountyPaver driveway that looks brand new after premium paver sealer and pressure washing treatment from Stellar Clean and Seal in Brevard County

Paver Repair enhances the curb appearance of the property which also increases the value of your property.

You have either inherited a brick paver patio or driveway with a purchase of your home or you paid someone to install it for you for a costly price tag. Either way, you now have it and you should protect your investment. After some time, you may start to notice that those brick pavers are becoming uneven, loose or broken. That is bound to happen with normal wear and the constant change in weather throughout the year.

Broken pavers not only can be an eye soar and/or a safety hazard, but the unevenness of these can create a perfect surface for water to pool and create further deterioration, future problems for your home’s foundation, window wells and walk-ways just to name some.

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What Our Customers Say about Stellar Clean & Seal

They did a fantastic job! They are reliable, timely and thorough. I highly recommend them Stellar Clean & Seal. The estimate process was very informative and helped us understand our options. Thank you Stellar Clean & Seal !

Josh K. - Viera

I am very happy with them, in addition to cleaning what they supposed to, and got everything 100% sparkling, they volunteer to clean patio furniture while they are there, to make customer happy. Very professional, will use them again! Stellar Clean & Seal, you're the best!

Maria S. - Cocoa

Stellar Clean & Seal was outstanding in every sense of the word - very responsive & timely service, and superb work on both my driveway (stripping and resealing) and the sealing of my new travertine deck. I would highly recommend David and his team to anyone.

Mark B. - Titusville

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